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Run with tunes with this Mp3 player watch

Micro-SD power running watch, it’s light, compact and stays put on your wrist even in the most treacherous conditions. Powered by a Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, dump your music in a micro-SD, connect and take off for on a jog. This watch is better than a regular MP3 player as it’s connected to your wrist and it saves the hassle of having something in your pocket jump up and down while you run. Comes with free shipping!


If you're looking for a watch that you can comfortably exercise with, then look no further! This mp3 player watch is small, light, and easy to use. The charge on this device lasts you around a week and the overall design is pretty rugged. If you're looking for a mp3 player to listen to music while you exercise then this mp3 player watch is what you need to have! Workouts will get easier with the right track and to listen to the right track you need a mp3 player that is no mess no fuss. Using your phone is great but the extra weight, the bulkiness, and the issues with uploading music on it can be cumbersome. So we decided to feature a mp3 player watch for today where we believe solves all these problems. It's a cinch to dump music into this device, just connect it to your computer via usb cable, drag your favorite tracks into it, and take off into the distance doing whatever your heart desires. This mp3 player watch is light and small enough for you to even forget that you have it on. The build quality is rather exceptional as the main purpose of this watch by the manufacturer is to be used in harsh conditions and we've taken it for a spin so we know it's solid. It's on sale so don't miss this mp3 player watch!