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Panda Hoodie

Everyone likes pandas become a panda overnight with this panda hoodie!

This is the perfect hoodie for when you just want to panda out with your friends. The loose fit makes you feel comfortable while the cotton and the polyester makes you feel cheap and warm. Has two side pockets to cram your phone, hands, etc. into and the ears on the hood just makes the cute factor work, comes with free shipping. Get yourself a panda hoodie today!


How do you review a panda hoodie? What is there really to say? Here is what we believe are worth mentioning about this product. Like all hoodies it comes with a hood and two pockets. This one comes with a hood but has two ears on top. The hoodie we ordered was quite large so make sure you look at the sizing graph before buying. The loose fit is welcome in our household especially when I wear this hoodie and nothing else. A hairy man wearing nothing but a panda hoodie should be confined indoors but you can walk out to get the mail in such fashion. However you may have the local PD stop by but that's a story for another time! The cotton/polyester mix feels good against your skin and buying a hoodie for 12 bucks is always a great idea. Get one today or not honestly we don't care!