Minimalist Desk Lamp

Studies have shown that desk lamps help improve productivity. Our minimalist desk lamp will make sure you get that job done and look good while doing it! This desk lamp is battery powered so you can take it on…


Retro Light Bulb for the Hipster in you

If you are looking to add a vintage touch to any room then look no further. This Edison light bulb is the final touch you are looking for! This 40w retro light bulb is what every snazzy living corner…

$2.10 - 4.96

GeekThink Copper Mesh Strap Watch

“Nordic Minimalism” comes to mind when you see this mesh strap watch. It has a 6.7mm ultra thin bezel that is abrasion proof and scratch-resistant. This unisex mesh strap watch is the perfect gift for that significant other! If…


Canvas Women’s Backpack

The lightweight canvas women’s backpack that will last you for years to come! This vintage canvas backpack comes from the factory with a thick heavy duty canvas and leather trim. It has multiple pockets for carrying all those nick…


Military Grade Iphone Case

Military Grade Iphone Case, Super rugged for that trek outdoors that you have been planning. Comes with free shipping!


Mini Usb Snake Camera

Waterproof snake camera, great for car repairs for those tight areas that are hard to see. Or perform your own Colonoscopy! Works with android or pc!


Inflatable dinosaur costume

Battery-operated inflatable dinosaur costume. Comes with an battery powered internal air pump. Keep the dino inside of you alive with this dinosaur costume! Due to It’s lightweight design you can keep one of these in your trunk, put it…


Panda Hoodie

Everyone likes pandas become a panda overnight with this panda hoodie! This is the perfect hoodie for when you just want to panda out with your friends. The loose fit makes you feel comfortable while the cotton and the…


Your Boyfriend Likes My Instagram Shirt

“Your Boyfriend Likes My Instagram” These are fighting words. No need to use fighting words. Your selfie game may be on point. He may be liking your selfies. But he comes home to me at night so my boyfriend…


Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

Stop drinking with those sissy plastic straws – you’re a grown ass man and now you can drink like one too with the metal drinking straw. This Metal drinking straw is so tough you might even find it beating…


  • The Top From Inception

    Will it keep spinning? Is this real life? Take a spin and find out…


  • Thor’s Mjolnir Replica Hammer

    IN THE NAME OF ODIN!! This is a fantastic Resin replica of Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir. You don’t need to be the chosen one to pick this hammer up!


  • Wax stamp kit

    You’re royalty. Act that way with the wax stamp kit, Stamp your seal on all of your paper work. Reveal your true self!


  • Duck Shadow Shower Curtain

    In the shadow of the duck, I shall cleanse thy self! And cleanse you shall with this awesome duck shadow shower curtain!


  • Ninja star coat hangers

    You’re a Ninja, Or you know Ninja’s. You must accommodate to the situation get this ninja Star coat hangers today!


  • Ninja Star magnets

    Post up your notes with the stealth of a ninja!


  • Anti Social Hoodie

    Do you like basking in the ambiance without being noticed? Buy an Anti Social Hoodie today!


  • Laser projection Keyboard

    The future is here! You can connect most devices and I’ve noticed that it works seamlessly. Takes a bit to get used to though as I’m used to the feedback of each click from the keyboard. But overall very…


  • Nope Shirt

    Let the world know, Nope. Not going to happen today!


  • Star Wars Fitted Caps

    Is your star wars game strong? Feel the need to “represent”? We gotchu Fam!