• Desk lamps can help you work more efficiently. Our minimalist desk lamp will make you look good while you work!
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Minimalist Desk Lamp

Studies have shown that desk lamps help improve productivity. Our minimalist desk lamp will make sure you get that job done and look good while doing it! This desk lamp is battery powered so you can take it on the go with you.


A Minimalist Desk Lamp : Look pretentious while saving money!

I reviewed this table lamp the other day. Yes, it is very thin and quite light to the touch. Yes, it looks amazing and isn’t too expensive. Should you order it? Probably! The days of flash and pizzazz are over! More and more people are moving into the mindset that less can be better. While we at Kuaks agree with this sentiment we do not believe that less should cost more. Minimalism is where the world is pushing towards, people don’t want more and more. This minimalist desk lamp fits right in that category. With its sleek and ergonomic design, it’s a new age lamp for a new age world. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean that an object lacks character. Most modern desk lamps have their own aura and the minimal designs certainly pack quite the punch. It’s time to buy a new lamp for your desk, why shouldn’t it be a ecological friendly minimalist desk lamp?

The Minimalist Desk Lamp for the Masses!

Simplify your lighting needs by buying a sleek ultra-thin desk lamp. This minimalist desk lamp is paper thin at only 5mm in thickness. Powered by a 3w led light source and has a 800mah battery so you can take it with you on the go! While it is battery powered there is also an option of plugging it for continuous use. All round this is the minimalist table lamp you need and want!