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  • The 1918 edison light bulb for today. This retro light bulb has everything you can want in a light bulb!
  • copper mesh strap watch
  • Canvas Women's Backpack
  • Military Grade Iphone Case
  • Mini Usb Snake Camera

Inflatable dinosaur costume

Battery-operated inflatable dinosaur costume. Comes with an battery powered internal air pump. Keep the dino inside of you alive with this dinosaur costume! Due to It’s lightweight design you can keep one of these in your trunk, put it on and enjoy the evening. You can look like a T-Rex without trying. Comes with free shipping!


The Dinosaur Costume you deserve.

We're all adults here at Kuaks, but we all have a dinosaur costume in our closet at our time of need. There are many reasons why you should buy this costume the main reason being, because you can. If you’re looking for something to have fun with a few friends while having a couple of beers this is it! This dinosaur costume is relatively easy to setup, just slap on 4 AA batteries and let the internal fan do the inflating and you are good to go. Since It’s made of a very lightweight material you won’t be baked to death inside and you can still move around comfortably. Wear it for your night out to the town with your buddies, wear it for the trip to the night club on the weekends, where ever you want to do some clowning around this inflatable dinosaur costume is sure to be a hit!
A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I were headed to the spring festival of a local university in our town. They were having a rave night and we were bored out of our minds so we decided we want to do something “Festive” for the evening. I put on my dinosaur costume and my friends put on their Elmo and Cookie monster costume and we hit the town. That evening I learned that Elmo chasing a dinosaur while cookie monster is flat drunk on the ground is a sight to see. We made really good friends and had a blast. Ever since we decided that anyone above the age of 75 needs a dinosaur costume for those moments of random moments “festivity” a person need in their life!