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  • The 1918 edison light bulb for today. This retro light bulb has everything you can want in a light bulb!
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  • Canvas Women's Backpack
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Canvas Women’s Backpack

The lightweight canvas women’s backpack that will last you for years to come!

This vintage canvas backpack comes from the factory with a thick heavy duty canvas and leather trim. It has multiple pockets for carrying all those nick nacks and the stitches are sewn showing quality craftsmanship. This is the ideal backpack for a short holiday trip where you need a lightweight bag to get through a long flight. The leather straps are fully adjustable and can be adjusted according to your comfort needs. This bag is stylish and built to last! Comes with free shipping!


A friend of mine was looking for a new shoulder bag to buy and asked me for suggestions. Upon doing my research I stumbled on to this leather canvas backpack and the rest is history! This Canvas Women's Backpack comes in 5 different distinct colors. It’s lightweight yet has a very solid feel. It's 32x38x15 cm my 13-inch netbook just slid right into it. The pocket on the back can hold all your charging cables while the pockets on the sides can hold your keys or your phone. I was able to cram this backpack with three magazines, a laptop, a phone, my keys, a pack of cigarettes with lighter and various charging cables like it was no one’s business! This backpack is a great buy and I seem to recommend it to everyone I see, Get yours today!