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Walnut Usb Pen Drive

A great USB drive made from bamboo, mahogany, maple, or walnut. Comes with free shipping!

Wooden Alarm Clock

This amazing wooden alarm clock would go great with any decor. You can use hand gestures to wake it up or clap to snooze when the alarm g...

Candy Colored Envelope Clutch Bag

Currently on sale for only $4.50, Genuine leather, plus free shipping!

Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

Stop drinking with those sissy plastic straws – you’re a grown ass man and now you can drink like one too with the metal drinking str...

Magazine Cover Mirror

Envision your dreams of celebrity stardom with these magazine cover mirrors. Available with major magazine covers such as GQ, Time, Playb...

7 days 7 Socks

7 Days 7 Socks. Wear one for each day. Be true to your lazy nature!

Rubber Band Machine Gun

The RBmG (Rubber Band Machine Gun) is a fully automatic, rapid fire gun that shoots rubber bands like nobody's business. Press the trigge...

Camera Lens Shot Glass

With the Canon EF 24-105mm lens Shot Glass, you won’t know whether to take a shot, or take a picture. When the DSLR camera lens mug is ...

DIY Adult LOMO Camera

Before Instagram, Retro photos were taken with real cameras such as this. A great buy for any photo enthusiast!